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  • Social Media

    Through social media optimization services, we aim to increase your website traffic through social networks rather than search engines. We have a solid team of providers capable to deliver real results on your social media campaign. Because users view social media as an unbiased approach to marketing, this can help build your brand.

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    Social Media
Indiegogo Project
Indiegogo Project

Need assistance with your Indiegogo crowdfunding project? Don't know where to start? Here's help!

Pitch Writing, Analysis, Consulting and more...
Video Commercials
Video Commercials

Our service are second-to-none as we create branding videos and commercials for all your needs.

See Results
See Results

We know how much your time is worth, so we will not waste it. Social media management takes a great deal of time, we can relieve you of this.

Kickstarter Projects
Kickstarter Projects

Need assistance with your Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign? Don't know where to start? Here's help!

Pitch Writing, Analysis, Consulting and more...

Your Rankings!

Our smart link building SEO services and SEM services are widely used by over 1000+ clients ranging from SEO consultants, SEO companies, independent online marketers, freelancers, and direct companies seeking search engine marketing – SEM services. All our clients have basic to advance level expertise in SEO and link building.

Result Oriented

The results from our manual building link service have been proven time and again for both new and established domains by hundred of customers. We understand that every SEO client has specific needs for their website optimization and site promotion needs. Keeping this in mind, we have structured our backlink service in a clear cut manner into different backlink building categories.

Why Choose Us?

  • Strict Quality Checks of every SEO project;
  • Efficient Speed of Execution of backlinks in the projects;
  • Professional Report Generation and verification;
  • Strict Employee Security Measures both on-site and online;
  • Smooth Internal Communication Protocols and systems across Senior Management and Team Groups;
  • Enforcement of Employee NDAs and Security Policy;
  • Careful Monitoring of various backlink building team by the Team Leads;
  • Monitoring of Team Leads by the Team Head and Senior Executive Management;
  • Continuous SEO knowledge base training and updates for our core SEO expert team;
  • Timely Hardware and Software systems upgrades by System Admins.

What Clients Says

  • I received my report today, 3 days after ordering and got overdelivered. There has been some other other massive Linkbuilding & onsite changes going on so I can't pinpoint it 100% to this service but over the course of the day traffic increased to a point where my server couldn't take it anymore ...

    Alice Camara

  • Great service, delivered on time with a fantastic service response whilst at a competitive price. Bravo!

    John Mandy

  • I tried it and gave them links I couldn't get indexed myself, so I made it tough for them. The index rate was about 45%. I was very happy seeing these were profile blasts and thus low quality. For the money its not really worth the effort trying to do it yourself.

    Steve Manustray

  • I ordered 1,000 links from Socialyx.com and received my report back earlier today. There was a 60% indexing rate which I was very happy with considering the price and the quick time it took to receive my report. Thanks!

    Dann Bosco

  • Hi there, everybody looking to be in the top 5 of the first page on Google! I have tried many product and services, but can recommend Socialyx.com to anybody at anytime. Don't waste your time with the rest, I have lost a lot of money trying to find someone who can deliver the service I want, Socialyx.com has got it.They also email you a report of all the work which has been done-- Try them, you would be surprised.

    Andrea Maroon